Other Attractions

“Wet ‘n Wild” is located at the north end of International Drive and is considered a veteran park dating back to its opening in 1977. It is still very popular with tourists and tickets are generally purchased as a special package consisting of Universal and SeaWorld tickets.  The water park includes a large number of slides and attractions as well as a specially themed area for small children.

Old Town is located on the 192 and is a resort area of shops, restaurants and bars themed like an old American town at the turn of the century. The area is also home to a reasonably sized traditional amusement park, plus some very white-knuckle “bungie” type rides for those of a less-nervous disposition. On Friday and Saturday evenings the area hosts a Custom and Classic Car Cruise which is well worth the trip.

Discovery Cove is part of the SeaWorld complex and is a unique theme park in that guests can interact with a variety of marine animals, most notably bottlenose dolphins. In addition to swimming with dolphins, Discovery Cove guests can also directly interact with exotic birds, tropical fish, rays and land mammals.  The park differs from other theme parks in both admission price, which approaches $280 per guest in the summer season and in the fact that reservations are required. Admission to the park includes all you can eat/drink at the restaurants and snack bars, including alcoholic beverages. All guests that enter the park receive the use of a mask and either a wetsuit or vest, as well as a snorkel that they get to keep.  A maximum of 1000 guests are allowed in the park at any one time so reservations are highly recommended.